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The Eagles were picked to win the NFC East in a national fan survey; Commanders ran a distant 3rd

National poll results!!

This week, Washington fans voted on their level of confidence in the team, but more broadly, fans across the nation were asked to vote on which team would win the NFC East in 2022. The result of that vote was unsurprising.

Interestingly, the fan confidence of our NFC East rivals do not closely reflect the results of this poll.

As you can see, Eagles fans lead the way with a 98% confidence level, while fans of the NY Giants, who are expected by most observers to limp to another last-place finish in the division, are nearly as confident at 92%. It seems clear that those Giants fans are focused on the longer term under new GM Joe Schoen and new head coach Brian Daboll, who are in just the very early stages of righting the ship that was capsized by the Maras, successive GMs, and a series of poor coaching hires.

Among Washington fans surveyed, 55% expressed confidence in the direction of the franchise.

It was Dallas Cowboys fans who logged the lowest confidence measure, with just 46% of respondents expressing positive feelings about the direction of their team. This result was likely influenced by the Cowboys failing to achieve last year’s lofty expectations, despite a 12-5 record and an NFC East division title, followed by a largely forgettable offseason in which the front office chose to sit on the sidelines during free agency, seemingly trying to consolidate the roster and salary cap situations ahead of 2023. Jerry Jones is 79 years of age now, and the clock is ticking on his desire to put together a super bowl winning roster that doesn’t have Jimmy Johnson’s fingerprints on it.

All four teams open their seasons on Sunday, with the Eagles playing in Detroit, and the Commanders hosting the Jaguars at 1 pm; the Giants will be on the road against the Titans in the late-afternoon window, while the Cowboys host the Buccaneers on Sunday Night Football.

If all four games are won by teams favored by the bookmakers, then the Commanders and Eagles would be tied for the division lead by the end of the day, with the Giants and Cowboys winless. That would be a pretty good start to the season, especially with Week 2 matchups that are likely to be tough for the Eagles and Cowboys.

But, of course, bookmakers odds are not game results. We’ll have to wait and see what happens. As LA Rams fans can attest, opening day doesn’t always bring you what you expect or hope for.

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