WC will do as well as their O-line and Back 7 play

NFL teams will find the weak links in each opponent's "chain" and for the Commanders that's their back 7 on defense (with issues increasing exponentially if they incur injuries to starters Curl, Fuller, WJIII, Holcomb, Davis, BSJ or McCain) and their offensive line (even if their starters play).

If their back 7 plays well (tackle well, don't resort to penalties and cover well -- get their share of turnovers, are not too soft and don't give up chunk plays on blown coverage), they stand a chance.

Similarly, if their offensive line plays well (provide enough key blocks on running plays, don't resort to penalties and provide Wentz a pocket to throw balls not under duress), they stand a chance.

If these two things don't occur, the team will lose games.

The first four games are critical; they must start with at least a record of 2-2 and have played very well in at least three of these games and well enough in the other game. Otherwise, it's going to be a tough season to stomach.

Off-season roster construction compared to a number of other NFL teams has been perplexing and frustrating. They took a very strong position group -- defensive tackle and weakened it -- without addressing long standing issues in the linebacker corps, and reliability in their defensive back depth, and now scrambling at the last minute. And what's transpired along the offensive line is murky at best -- along it, their guards played best in a unit that struggled last season, but they changed the starting guards out and kept everything else; getting Roullier back at center from injury should help.

As a positive, the offensive players acquired in the draft are off to an excellent start -- I would give a solid A there while of course noting the long-term grade could change; too early to tell on the defensive players acquired in the draft so "incomplete" for now.

Hoping for a great season, and it's possible, but there are reasons to be concerned.