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Ron Rivera Presser: The secondary’s communication has been big for us; it’s not just a bunch of guys running around chasing guys

Ron Rivera, Sam Cosmi, and Jamin Davis talk to the media after practice

Ron Rivera

Nathan Gerry

“Well, you look at it and you think, what was our biggest need at linebacker? We’re big and stout for the most part. We wanted a guy that could run, can cover. Nathan has a very good, an extensive background in coverage. He can run well, and he is a solid special teams guy. So he gives us some added depth. He gave us a little something we didn’t have and that was another cover linebacker that we felt could really run and make a contribution that way.”

Curtis Samuel:

Secondary communication:

“I think how well they’ve communicated amongst themselves, you know, the way they handle all those things and the way they do all those things out there. It’s not just a bunch of guys out there running around chasing guys. There’s a reason, there’s a process and a reason as to how and why we do the things that we’re doing. And they seem to understand that even more. And they seem to communicate even better and that’s been big for us.”

Armani Rogers:

“Just a guy who’s taking advantage of his opportunity more. So anything else, you get a chance and you’re going to run with the twos or the ones you got to be ready to roll. And that’s what the young guys have to do. He’s done a nice job. Still making mistakes. He’s been off on a couple of his formations, a couple of his alignments, a couple of his routes. He’s going to learn how to run his routes a little bit better. You know, even though he has made a couple of big plays, they could have been even better just understanding, you know, how you run those routes.”

Efe Obada:

“I think the nice thing for Efe is he’s a big physical defensive end. He’s a guy that can set the line, set the edge of the line very nicely and in certain situations he can transition down and be a three technique for us. So, he’s got a bit of position flex and he’s a guy that just goes real hard. He’s also an excellent special teams guy. I mean, you know, 265 pounds and 6’6” that can run is a pretty imposing figure out there and he will play some special teams for us as well.”

Logan Thomas:

Joey Slye:

John Bates:

Celebrating Sophie:

Sam Cosmi

Season 1 vs Season 2:

Carson Wentz vs Taylor Heinicke:

“All of those guys that you just spoke about are really talented and great guys to play with. Carson’s a stud when it comes to being back there, he has a really good cannon and can move. It’s different play, the guys play differently, but you get adjusted to it, and having him back there has been great.”

James Smith-Williams/Casey Toohill:

“They’ve really improved from last year. I think they’re hardworking guys who have a really good motor, and they’re working every day, just like I am. It’s good going out there and battling with them every single day.”

Back at FedEx Field:

Playing with different offensive linemen:

“I feel like I have a really good connection with every guard I go with out there: [G] Wes [Schweitzer], [G] Trey [Turner], [T] [Charles] Saahdiq, all those guys that kind of been rotating with and guys that I really enjoy being with. When they get out there it’s like, let’s go, let’s ride and, and let’s just kick some butt. So that’s the mentality every time we go out there, it doesn’t matter who’s next to me.”

“Each guy has a different way of setting. Each guy has a different way of playing. You kind of get that feel, but we’re all coached the same way. So I know what their responsibility is on certain plays and stuff like that. So I know what to expect. I mean, some guys are better at different things than others, but we were coached all the same way and we have that feel of, ‘Hey for I’m doing this block, you need to do this, I need to do this.’ So it’s about the same.”

Becoming more consistent:

“I feel like I have a really good trajectory going up. I’m excited about it. Every day I feel like I’m getting better and just really keying in on technique. However long my career is I will always be working on technique. It’s never going to be a day where I’m like, ‘All right, I’m good.’ It’s every day I’m going to work it out. So just keep on doing that, being more confident in myself and doing all that. I really feel like that’s where I’m going right now.”

Jamin Davis

Big season:


“Going out there and making way more plays than I did last year. So, that’s really the baseline for me. Just going out there and trying to do what I can to become an all-pro linebacker for this team.”

More comfortable:

“Oh, I’m loving it so far. I’m doing what I can, going out there making plays. And like I said, I’m just way more comfortable with everything around me. So, it should be a pretty big season this year.”

Kam Curl:


“Definitely. And as a defense, it’s one of those things we’re trying to set our own standard and we don’t really worry about what the outside noise is saying about us or anything like that. We just gonna go out there and make plays and going forward. That’s how it’s always gonna be.”

Cole Holcomb:

Playing outside:

“I mean, like I always said before I line up and play wherever they want me to. Just going forward, just being more comfortable with my own skin and going out there and trying to play as fast as possible because that’s the key to anything. Just going out and playing fast. Just trying to be a play maker for this team. That’s all that really boils down to.”