Roster projection for start of 2022 season

After three months, little has changed:

Offense (25 or 26)

C. Wentz

T. Heinicke

S. Howell

A. Gibson

B. Robinson

J. McKissic

T. McLaurin

C. Samuel

J. Dotson

D. Brown

C. Sims

D. Milne (on the bubble) -- could be another WR who is selected to be the primary returner ... someone like Erickson (who wasn't signed until after I did my last roster projection) or Jequez Ezzard

L. Thomas

J. Bates

C. Turner

C. Leno

S. Cosmi

C. Lucas

A. Norwell

T. Turner

W. Schweitzer

C. Roullier

S. Charles

C. Paul

One to two other offensive players who ball out this summer, either a returning player like Sammis Reyes or UDFA like J. Ezzard -- could be instead of Milne or in addition to him; I'm now taking a SWAG on Curtis Hodges over Reyes. Regardless, my money is on four tight ends because Wentz loves them.

Defense (24 or 25)

There are fewer locks; I'll put it at 16

C. Young

D. Payne

J. Allen

M. Sweat

P. Mathis

D. Wise

E. Obada

3 more DEs are likely to be selected who will contribute to special teams too: front runners are J. Smith-Willliams, C. Toohill and S. Toney

W. Jackson

K. Fuller

B. St-Juste

K. Curl

B. McCain

P. Butler

4 or 5 more DBs are likely to be selected who will contribute to special teams: front runners are: C. Holmes, D. Forrest, J. Reaves, D. Johnson, and T. Apke but the last couple could be eclipsed by UDFAs and / or FAs not yet on the roster.

C. Holcomb

J. Davis

K. Hudson

1 to 2 more LBs will be selected. I'm hoping if it's one, it's a Mike LB not yet on the roster. Front runner to remain is D. Mayo because of his special teams contributions. Talk about Tre Walker has been quiet so far in training camp so I think he's more likely a practice squad candidate.

The six defensive players closest to the bubble (in no particular order) are: D. Johnson, T. Apke, J. Reaves, D. Forrest, K. Hudson and D. Mayo.

Special Teams (3)

J. Slye - K

T. Way - P

C. Cheeseman - LS

Roster prediction changes made:

- Hodges over Reyes (especially if Thomas is not ready for start of season)

- Milne, Erickson (who was added to roster) OR Ezzard ... not two of them

- J. Reaves (safety) in lieu of 7th WR