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Washington misses multiple scoring opportunities in the 1st half, down 7-6 to the Ravens

Typical Washington game

NFL: Washington Commanders at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders once again failed to score a TD on their first drive, and didn’t score one in the entire first half. They had potential TD passes bobbled(Dyami Brown) and their first FG was a bad miss by Joey Slye. They end the first half down 7-6. Danny Johnson and rookie safety Danny Johnson got burned badly for a 67 yard TD from Ravens 3rd string QB Anthony Brown to WR DeMarcus Robinson. Sam Howell has looked good, and shown his moblity during his first start, but also took a bad sack after escaping the initial contact. Washington needs a lot of work.

1st Quarter

Sam Howell —-> Dax Milne

Sam Howell scramble

Sam Howell —-> Dyami Brown

Sam Howell getting up to speed

Reggie Bonnafon starting

Joey Slye misses the FG badly

Jamin Davis sighting

Danny Johnson

Sam Howell loves Dyami Brown

Roughing the passer

Dyami Brown drops a TD

Joey Slye FG

BSJ and JSW also playing


Sam Howell couldn’t escape twice

2nd Quarter

Ravens big TD

Sam Howell sacks

MVP Tress Way

Fullback sighting(Ravens of course)

Sam Howell got the moves


Making 1st downs/not scoring TDs

Another drive ends with a FG attempt

Jeremy Reaves making plays

Studs and duds