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Ron Rivera Presser: Starters will play vs the Ravens, but they will be very limited

Ron Rivera, Andrew Norwell, and Jeremy Reaves speak to the media after today’s practice

Ron Rivera said the starters will play vs the Ravens, but was very, very clear that they would be very, very limited. So expect a series or nothing against a Ravens team that takes the preseason very, very seriously. Cam Sims is in the concussion protocol after a hospital ball from Taylor Heinicke against the Chiefs last Saturday. He came back into the game two plays later and caught a beautiful TD from the Legend.

Logan Thomas took the next step in his recovery from season-eanding ACL/MCL surgery by participating in 7-on-7’s today. He didn’t catch a pass in the limited session, but was applauded by teammates for the incredible progress he’s made to return to the field in under 9 months. Rivera wouldn’t commit to a Week 1 return, but he is encouraged by Thomas’s progress.

Ron Rivera

Cam Sims:

“Probably not. We did report him early in the week. He has progressed in the protocol, but he also starts to go through the steps. I mean, it really is a full week process if it’s done properly for the player and that’s what we’re trying to make sure everything’s fine with him.”

Phidarian Mathis:

“His leg is sore.”

Andrew Norwell/Trai Turner:

“I think their progress is good. It really is. And you know having Trai, Andrew, and Wes for that matter, all three back out here, starting to work. With Trai, he’s progressing through the quad. Andrew is loosening up and has really had a couple sharp days. And with Wes, you know, his settled down. So, it’s good to see them all out there competing and doing things we need to have them do.”

Curtis Samuel:

“I think it’s really about the confidence. Everything. I, I think that Al did, you know, as far as the training staff, has really given him confidence that he has gotten over the hump I believe that’s part of why you see so much of his energy out there. And that’s a tough thing, especially, you know, for finally tuned athletes, the confidence, Hey, I can get out there and I can compete and not worry about it.”

Logan Thomas:

“That’s very important for us. It is another milestone as he gets more and more involved. It gives him a chance to hopefully be ready to go in that first week. And we’ll see what this means as we practice tomorrow, we’ll have a light workout on Friday, do a light workout Saturday, Sunday they’ll be off and we’ll come back and we’ll do some light work on Monday.”

Importance of tight ends:

“I’ve been fortunate, I’ve been involved with this style offense for 16 seasons, and the tight end has always been a big part of it. My first introduction to it was watching Antonio Gates had the kind of years that he had. Then getting Greg Olson and Jeremy Shockey and watching those guys have the success they’ve had. And then getting Logan my first season here and seeing what he was doing for those first two years until he got hurt. And so the potential is good things and, and not just for him, but for the other tight ends as well.”

Starters vs the Ravens:

Andrew Norwell

Jeremy Reaves

Losing his mother last year: