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Tailgating for a Las Vegas Raiders game is a little different than the FedEx Field experience

Football is back!

Washington changed their name to the Commanders this year, after spending a year as just the Football Team. The franchise is also actively looking at locations for their new stadium. They currently play at FedEx Field in Landover, Md., but could end up playing in Virginia or Washington, D.C. after 2027 if Maryland can’t keep them.

FedEx Field has had a ton of complaints over the years about the fan experience, and a lot of them have been very justified. The new front office continues to try to win fans back and convince them this is a team worth being emotionally and financially invested in. I haven’t personally been to a game at FedEx Field since the game that led to the infamous Giants boat pic. That game was a dagger to the heart that left some long-lasting scars.

I haven't been to a Washington game since then and it was refreshing to just be a fan at Allegiant Stadium last season at an away game against the Raiders. I stayed at the Mandalay Bay, which is within walking distance of the stadium. Las Vegas is a great party town, and the Raiders take full advantage of that with their game-day experience. Across the street from the hotel is the Bud Light Beer Garden, which offers a variety of local food options along with all the alcohol options you would expect to find at a professional tailgate.

I was able to secure VIP access, which included a great buffet and an open bar. They had the Budweiser Clydesdales, a DJ, and MGM game day betting access. The mix of Vegas to Washington fans started out pretty even, but turned into a Silver & Black party. The great thing about this is that it quickly evolves into a marching party as game time gets closer. The mobile party crosses the bridge to the stadium to finish their drinks before going inside to get some more.

The Vegas Experience is always in a different category from everything else, but the atmosphere and close proximity can’t be beat for fans. If I was a Raiders fan in Vegas it would be an easy decision to tailgate every week in Sin City.

FedEx Field

There are several big tailgates that happen every home game at FedEx Field that are very popular with the fans. One of the best out there, with the best fan interaction is provided by Tailgate Ted and the Hail BBQ crew. They offer a free tailgate with a full menu for every game. If it’s a 1 p.m. game, expect to be there at 9 a.m. when they open, and enjoy the food for two and a half to three hours, giving you plenty of time to get back to your car before the game. Donations help them keep the free tailgates going, but it is well worth it!

**2022 Tailgate Season Update**

We are hosting tailgates for 2022. The tailgates however will be limited in size due to our crew shrinking. RSVPs links for each game will be posted 2 weeks prior to that scheduled game. We look forward to seeing you this fall.

Take care,

Tailgate Ted

We are the largest home-team tailgate at FedEx Field, supporting our Washington Football Team every game from our spot at G20.

The HailBBQ Tailgate is a Washington-Fan-First Tailgate. We accept fans of the opposing team, but space is limited to Washington fans and the member referrals of the HailBBQ Crew, PFUFA or the Tailgate Hall of Fame. If you are an opposing team fan and you wish to join us for a tailgate, please request approval via email and we will let you know if we have additional room at the tailgate.

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