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Ron Rivera Presser: This is team defense, you have to be disciplined, we have to coach them up to be disciplined

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after Washington’s loss to the Chiefs

The Washington Commanders lost their second preseason game to the Kansas City Chiefs 24-14. The team looked sloppy, and struggled on 3rd down on both sides of the ball. Carson Wentz and the starting offense didn’t score today, and he took a bad sack on his final play that ended a drive on 3rd down. Rivera was quick to point out that a Commanders’ penalty on the previous play put Wentz in a difficult spot, but he should have got rid of the ball instead of taking a sack that took them out of field goal range completely.

Rivera again brought up rush discipline when talking about things that need to improve. This was a problem last season, and it’s still happening even after the team fired DL coach Sam Mills III. It was easily exposed by a QB like Patrick Mahomes, but Rivera said they still have to play disciplined football. There are also a few things the team needs to shore up with communication in the secondary.

Antonio Gibson started out his day on special teams taking the Commanders first kickoff return. Brian Robinson got the start, and Gibson got a lot of looks catching the ball early in the game. Rivera said he also ran the ball well when he got his opportunities. Rivera thought that Gibson responded very well to what happened last week(fumble) and starting to take reps with special teams. Rivera loves what Gibson can do in space, and he has that skillset from his background as a wide receiver in college.

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