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Ron Rivera Presser: Jamin Davis is much more comfortable with what we’re doing and how we’re doing it

Ron Rivera, Cole Holcomb, and Jahan Dotson talk to the media after practice

Ron Rivera

Injury updates:

Jamin Davis:

Davis’s progression:

“Very happy with it. You see a lot of good and positive things from Jamin right now. He’s much more comfortable with what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. He’s picked up the way we do things in terms of reads and drops. Reading through his drops and understanding the concepts is really big and he’s done a nice job with that. So very pleased with that. As with [LB] Cole [Holcomb], he has done a nice job stepping into the Mike [MLB] position from the start. Last year he was more a Will [OLB] for us. Then when JB [form Washington LB Jon Bostic] got injured we moved him to the Mike [MLB] and he really showed very well. Now’s an opportunity to work on that skill set and he’s done a very good job. When [LB David] Mayo’s gotten his opportunity. Dave’s a big physical guy. Today was a good day for Dave. We did a lot of our big defensive stuff. So he got an opportunity.”

Identifying run lanes and covering guys:

“That’s basically it. Understanding the fits a lot better than he did last year. As I said, understanding how to read the progressions of the route combinations in front of him.”

Player development/safety:

Backup QBs:

“Seeing growth. With Taylor, you see him, he’s stronger this year. He’s throwing a really good ball. He’s getting even more and more comfortable in what we’re doing. With Sam, it’s just a matter of learning as he goes through it, understanding our scheme, our progressions, and in terms of the routes that are being run and how to get from one receiver to the other, stuff like that. So you’re seeing growth from both these young guys.”

Montez Sweat:

”I just think he’s comfortable in what we’re doing and with that comes confidence. So again, I think he’s in a good place. Very happy with the work we’re getting from Montez.”

Young DBs:

“Well, with Percy, he’s smart, very fast, very athletic. He’s got a good sense about him. He understands the game. Josh is very bright and athletic. He’s showing us some position flex playing some nickel, and corner for us.”

Safety depth:

“The biggest thing you’re looking for from Jeremy is just consistency, just being more consistent. He has his first couple years, he’s developing, he’s growing and he’s a guy that’s getting opportunities. He’s played every year that we’ve been here for us. We just wanna continue to watch him and see if he’s growing and developing. Those other young guys, again, same thing. Just being consistent as football players. Percy, he’s a good young player. He’s done some good things. Darrick [Forrest] has done a nice job with his opportunities. It’s a really good mix. It’s a good young room of players.

Jeremy Reaves:

“I just think his overall knowledge and play of the game. A lot of times, young guys come in and they’re used to specific scheme and the way you play it. With Jeremy, it’s just a matter of learning and growing.”

Cole Holcomb

Jamin Davis:

“[David] solid vet always knows what he is supposed to do and then Jamin he’s progressing a lot I think, I’m proud of where Jamin’s at, I’m happy where he is at. And I think he’s giving me a lot of confidence, you know, I don’t have to worry about him. I don’t have to think about him, he’s out there and he knows what he is doing.”

Mike LB:

“I feel like, you know, being in the middle, taking control, I think it’s more fun. Like it’s more of a challenge. It’s more you’d have one more thing on your plate. You get everybody lined up. I like the chess match of it. I like taking control and being the one having to play that game with the quarterbacks and making the checks. I feel very capable of being able to do it so I have a lot of confidence in it.”

Feeling comfortable at Mike:

“Probably last year felt I knew I could do it. The year before that I did it a couple times and a couple games really fell in love with it. And then I think last year really felt solid in that spot.”


“What happened last year doesn’t mean what’s going to happen this year. I think we got a taste of that last year. In 2020 we were a top five defense and then didn’t live up to the hype. So I think we got a slice of humble pie on that one. So I think that’s what they’re talking about.”

First day in pads:

“It was fun. I mean I was talking all morning. It’s good, that’s when the real football starts so I was super excited. I was maybe a little too excited jumping the gun out there, lunging a little bit but you know, it felt good to get ‘em back on.”

“Well when you got pads on it’s a different type of a different feel, different type of fits. The linemen can grab a little more, um, you know, there’s definitely more contact. So, it’s like you got to be on your P’s and Q’s with your fits and you got to be a little more violent using your hands and, and dugging guys up.”

Defense’s potential:

“I think we got the talent and then I think [Defensive Coordinator Jack] Del Rio does a good job of letting us, you know, not think too much and play fast. So, I think that combination, you know, can allow us just to play to our play, to our abilities and play to our strengths. Not to think too much and just go.”

Carson Wentz:

“For defenses, you know, when it’s live, obviously we can’t touch him out here, but you know, when he is a big guy like that, it’s hard to bring him down. He keeps plays alive and sometimes he’ll use his legs to keep a play alive. So, on that back end, you might have to cover for a little bit longer. And then you know he’s always got that deep ball threat, you know, he’s got a cannon.”

Jahan Dotson


“I feel like things have been going pretty well so far. Just trying to get better each and every day, you know. Just being super blessed to be out here, you know, be able to play the game of football in the NFL. Sometimes you gotta stay, take a step back and really realize what you’re doing and I’m doing that every single day. Just being grateful for being out here and being able to play with the guys. As to, from OTAs to, to training camp, it, it hasn’t been too much different. Obviously going into the season, the, the intensity goes up just a little bit more, but at the end of the day, it’s just work.”

Rough days for the offense in camp:

“Obviously we’re going against a great defense. A lot of guys on the opposite side of the ball who can make plays. So going out there every single period we gotta take seriously, we can’t take it lightly because we know that those guys are gonna come with everything. But getting back, going into the film room after every practice, realizing like it’s just, self-inflicted stuff, things that we can easily fix the next practice and we wanna make sure that we don’t make the same mistakes twice. So kind of just learning each and every day. Not making the same mistakes.”

Carson Wentz:

WR advice:

“For sure. I’m constantly asking the guys in my room questions, and they’re super helpful, you know, Cam Sims, Curtis Samuel, Terry [McLaurin], Dyami Brown. Just asking those guys questions immediately, because you know, they’ve been exactly through what I’m going through right now. You know, they were all rookies at some point. They were all learning the offense. It was all new to them. So, just learning the different ways that they learned it, how they picked it up, how fast they picked it up and just learning from them.”

Terry McLaurin:

“Yeah, how he’s a professional every single day. He comes out here every morning. He recovers. He comes out here ready to practice every single day and he goes hard every single rep and all that. That’s pretty much what you want in a teammate because you know, he’s gonna leave it all on the line for you so, you wanna do the exact same for him. It is great playing alongside someone like him just because I know what he’s gonna bring every single day and that’s being a professional and playing his heart out. So, I wanna do the same for him.”

College vs NFL:

Practicing vs Washington’s DBs:

“It’s been great work every single day and I honestly credit that to my college years, you know, going up against guys in practice, like the Jaquan Brisker’s, the Tariq Castro-Fields’. Those guys are NFL corners, NFL safeties so going up against those guys every single day in practice and kind of translating it over here to going up against actual NFL guys, like Kendall Fuller, William Jackson, it it’s just great work and you’re learning a lot from those guys. You see a lot of similarities because they’re all great players, but they’re gonna make you work. They’re gonna bring the best out of you and that’s all you can ask for.”

Natural pass catcher:

“I don’t wanna sound cocky or anything, but I feel like I’ve always been pretty good pass catcher. As a little kid, I was always playing with a football, a basketball, stuff like that. I always had some type of sports ball in my hand. I feel like that that stemmed from being a little kid, just being heavily into sports and then over the years, I just work on it constantly, you know, because you, if you work on something, you can’t get worse, you’re only gonna get better. So, I feel like that’s a great attribute of mine and I only wanna make it better.”