Howell, What to Expect and Other Preseason Hopefuls

Sammy Howell, wouldn’t that have been the perfect name for the red wolves? Oh well…Sam made up for that disappointment with a very solid debut. Watching him play, for the first time, he seemed to have vision. When he was scrambling around he still saw Erickson. He made a great throw on the two point conversion, he had a TD dropped. He also showed not only the ability to score with his legs, he showed the ability to extend plays. I don’t want to get too excited, because we’ve seen this before, but he did well. He did, however, almost throw two picks. He’s young and this was his first game. I have to imagine the coaching staff is excited. With Taylor not playing well, Howell playing well, I would think there is a possible back up controversy. Way too early, but if Howell can grasp that playbook, Taylor’s in trouble because that’s what is keeping him alive. Taylor is well liked, but Jon said it best, the NFL is a terrible business.

Robinson, this guy was impressive. I didn’t go thru every play, but he runs hard, they had problems with him. Here again, it’s early, but Gibson fumbled, again, and he was yanked. Robinson came in and scored the first ever Commanders TD. He caught two passes, but I didn’t see how well he blocked. I could go back, but I’ve watched the game twice. Not that important lol. I think Robinson has a chance to over take Gibson as the starting tailback. I bet Wentz loves him.

Parker. I have no clue who this guy is. I’m sure Bill ran an article on him. I just think these guys are long shots. I look it over and think, we his RAS scores look good or bad. But honestly, I don’t think they make it most of the time. Parker made some good tackles, and he was solid in coverage. S competition has just heated up. We needed a safety, this guy could be it. I’m not saying he starts, I’m not saying he’s a back up. 3 tackles, 2 PBUs, and one of the best defenders on the field. He may get a spot.

Wise. We also needed this. DL insurance in case we hit injury bug. Wise got some run and he secured a spot. This guy was dominant but not perfect. He’s worth keeping imo.

Cosmi. He looked good! Very short but this guy may be a find. Again limited, but what I saw was a problem, he may be really good!

Wentz. I’m starting see Wentz has confidence issues. He’s timid on shorter throws. He almost aims it. He played a solid game and really didn’t impress. He missed some reads, missed some throws, but he showed he’s willing to play our OCs brand of football. Wentz has some weapons, if the line can hold up, he starts making plays, starts feeling good, he’s going to be solid. Wentz is a good game manger who has the ability to wow you. I’d like to see him mix it up in the next game. Hit some of those long shots. Also don’t put Terry in that situation.

Sweat. Sweat looked good! He should have a big year, but without Chase, they are going to focus on Sweat. Sweat put some pressure on Baker who found his way. It was because Payne got blown up. You want that money? Sweat should be getting extended imo.

A lot of real estate to go before the year kicks off. These are the guys who either shined or give me hope on the year. I’m sure I missed some. Let me know…