Carson Wentz, What to Expect

Washington made a move and took in all the salary of Carson Wentz. I initially was upset with the trade. I figured the Colts would cut him, I thought we gave up too much, and taking on all of his salary on top of that??? Did Irsay have proof Danny committed sexual harass or something? Honestly, bravo Ballard! In a desperate situation, the key is to find someone more desperate, enter the legend of Ronnyland….

Ok, regardless of how I feel, we got this guy. Now, Wentz is a clear upgrade first and foremost. He has smarts, he’s big, he can whip it everywhere on the field. But when you give multiple high draft picks for a guy, then trade him the following year, there’s got to be some baggage. Looking closer at Wentz last year, he had one stellar game, in a loss to Baltimore. Other than that, the guy is a game manager, averages 205ish YPG, and didn’t turn the ball over as bad as he has. The offense of the Colts, was centered around the phenomenon Jonathan Taylor, and he didn’t disappoint. Carson had six games where his QBR was at or below 30. For the most part, he is high 50s, 60s range, which is decent.

The biggest knocks on Wentz was his touch throws, scouts said he seemed to have a slower release on touch throws. I think this may be worth monitoring. Also, another knock was he failed to get thru to his third read consistently when he was coming out. Wentz is far from a rookie, and he is said to be smart. They say he works hard too. I think Carson represents a huge upgrade at QB over Taylor. It was expensive, but I think he should be solid if his health can hold up.

His debut was vanilla to say the least. He mostly was hitting short passes (something they obviously wanted him to work on). His lone bad throw was to Terry who almost came away with it. I get you want to excite people, but please don’t do that to your expensive star WR in PS. This may be the best QB room we’ve had in years. It’s hard not to set expectations, mine remain 8,9 games is a good year. Some are pushing for double digit wins, I think we have too many holes. We all saw slo mo out there. I just can’t fathom how they’ve ignored LB.

I expect Wentz to start the season slow, as last year, his Colts faced the Hawks, Rams, and Titans to open the year. Tough games and he went a collective 0-3. We have some trap games to open the year. Detroit and Jags look easy on paper, but they are much different teams. I’m still anticipating a 1-3 start. For us to hit my 9 goal, we need to go 2-1. Doug has Jags playing some solid football, Dan Campbell has Lions playing solid. These shouldn’t be easy games. Time will tell. Wentz isn’t a super star, he is a midling QB who has the potential to make a throw at any given moment. Raven DC had this to say on Wentz: "has a little magician in him….explosive QB who can get the ball down field….he’s spreading the ball around". If these things are said this year, we should be at least happy with this.