A long way to go, but a lot of bright spots

Preseason isn’t a game scheme or plan. A coach goes out and runs plays that are very vanilla. Players usually play as a unit, but it’s more about one on one battles. Coaches are looking for sparks, who among the chaos, shines. We fell a little short to Ron’s ole pals, but, we showed some promise.

Robinson: he bounced off every first tackle. Someone said this was against second team, so, I’m going to wait and see. He was impressive, looks the part, and Gibs fumbled again.

Wentz: he played within the system and had a bad throw, some slight over throws, but was hitting his short targets. If he can add this aspect to his game, and get rid of the ball a second faster, he looks good. Has some issues, but time will tell, he’s not old.

Howell: he started off a bit meh, by the end, it was hard not to be excited. Hope this is who he is, he showed a nice zip, a command, and he let it rip.

Wise: he looked good to me.

Gibs: really, the first game and you fumble, it could’ve been a bad hand off. I don’t know.

Johnson: stick to STs

Mayo: new nick name slow mo.