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All aTwitter: 13 August 2022 - the “Jason Wright steps on his dick (again)” edition

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From Craig Hoffman’s article:

This could’ve been handled through the PR office. It could’ve been handled privately. But truthfully, there was nothing to handle at all. Scott did his job. Carson did his.

The only person who was unprofessional was Jason Wright. The only person who was pompous was Jason Wright. The only person who was childish, mad because he didn’t get what he wanted, which is apparently fawning propaganda that misleads the fans and belies what we’ve all seen with our own eyes, was Jason Wright.

And at the end of the day, what this is a reminder [of] is that Jason Wright is a person who works for Daniel Snyder.

If I’m gonna give Jason some grace, maybe this just wasn’t his best moment and the pressure of working for Dan Snyder amidst Congressional investigations, a failed stadium negotiation, multiple league investigations, and investigations by D.C., Maryland, and Virginia into the way they run their business...just got to him and he had a human moment. He broke. It wasn’t his best moment. He lashed out.

But realistically, no matter if this was an out-of-character moment for Jason or if it was a revelation of his character moment for Jason, this was a Daniel Snyder-like moment.

You don’t like someone? Go after them. Someone says something that’s unflattering about you? Threaten them.

Culture change? Not so much. It’s a Dan Snyder move from Dan Snyder’s team president and as we sit here in 2022 on the eve of the Commanders’ debut. And some things are still the absolute exact same.

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