Dan Snyder: We finally have ourselves a QB, FedEx Field will have big-time attendance shortly


"I just wanted to thank everyone overall, not only the Maryland Lottery Gaming but just Prince George’s County, where our stadium has been headquartered. … It’s been an absolute pleasure," Snyder said in his first public comments since the team unveiled its new name in February. "Our stadium, we’ve dramatically upgraded. We’re encouraging everyone to come to see all the changes we’ve done to the stadium this year. I think it’ll be quite impressive. We’re going to have some big-time attendance shortly as our staff, our leadership team, [president] Jason Wright and [senior vice president of operations and guest experience Trista Langdon] and the team have done an amazing job. We’re very, very optimistic also on the season. We finally have ourselves a quarterback. So I want to say thanks to everyone. I really, truly appreciate this."