Who needs a mulligan?

Last year was a hard one, but life goes on-Tupac. There was a lot of hype last year. Many pundits predicted we’d win the NFCE, that our DL would wreck opposing players. Fitz would lead an explosive offense. I don’t know if anyone knows this, but Fitz went to Harvard, so he must be smart. Samuels was signed, bombs away!!!! Jamin Davis was the early favorite of rookie of the year. Wait, is this koolaid spiked? Damn, it sure tasted good. That was until the hangover known as reality. The reality was Fitz was broken in the first moments of the first game replaced by wonder mathematician of the legend of Heinike. The man, the myth, who almost single handedly took down the SB champ Bucs led by the fountain of youth, don’t you dare eat that strawberry, Tom Brady. But Taylor had one glaring problem, ten yards was where his accuracy ended. Twenty, the ball succumbed to gravity, nose diving in mid air. The result, we were in the number one pick discussion. Until Ron saved his job probably by going on a mid season run that put us back in the drivers seat. Suddenly with injuries piling up, Covid struck and finished us off. This is a new year, with a new (but possibly used up) QB. Here’s a list of who needs a mulligan…..

Brown, WR, the emergence of our next Terry was greatly exaggerated. Brown really just never made an impact. Many say he’s a talent but more of a deep threat, hopefully Carson can get him the ball.

Davis, LB. When you get benched for two STers, maybe something’s off. Apparently Ron believes in Davis. He’s back at his natural position of WILL? Ok…

Samuels, WR. My back and my groin…..Samuels was a huge disappointment. He really is needed.

Jackson, the shut down DB we’ve all been missing, is still missing. Jackson just needs to play better and build upon the last feed games of last year.

McCain, the guy was brought back?! Well, I’ve heard he played better down the stretch.

Ron, the guy keeps tanking in the first half of games and the season to find some magic late but fall short. We need to start off better.

Gibson, we missed the play offs by two games, Gibson fumbled away two games. He had a solid year, but he fumbles a lot.

Did I miss anyone? Let me know….