Scary Terry Outscored Art Monk 8 to 2 in A Side By Side Analysis Of How Their Careers Started!

After the Commander's inked Scary Terry to a three year deal this week, most fans in the D.C. area had to be thinking about the possibility of him bringing us back to the days of The Posse.

Out of that dynamic wide receiver trio of Ricky Sanders, Gary Clark, and Art Monk, the Hall Of Famer, Monk, would have been considered the best out of the three by a lot of Commander's fans. Monk was also known as an all around class act.

So, let's dive into a receiver's three most important statistical categories to see which one of these fantastic receivers started their careers more impressively.

Since Monk's third season was shortened by the player's strike of 1982, we will count his 1983 season as his third season, for the purpose of our analysis.


A receiver's primary job of course is to catch the ball. So, we will begin with a year by year comparison..

Mclaurin 58 87 77

Monk 58 56 47

Obviously, the NFL has become much more of a passing league. So, Monk definitely gets the nod for year one. But, Mclaurin outperformed Monk by about 30 to 40 percent in years two and three which couldn’t logically be argued to make up for Mclaurin's statistical domination of Monk during years two and three.

This puts the score at…

Mclaurin 2 Monk 1


After the receiver catches the ball, what does he have to do next? He has to avoid getting tackled. This isn't astrophysics:)

Let's examine their yards per season while taking into account that the style of play has evolved.

Monk 797 894 746

Mclaurin 919 1118 1053

Before we give Mclaurin 3 ticks on the scorecards for a clear shilacking during all three years, let's go a little deeper. The three year league average for reception yards per game during Mclaurin's time was a little over 230 yards per game. During Monk's time, it was surprisingly only 15 percent lower at 200 yards per season. If you add 15 percent to Monk's numbers, He still takes a goose egg here.

The scorecard now reads…

Mclaurin 5 Monk 1

The Touchdown Numbers

If the receiver does their job to perfection, then they of course slide their way into the end zone. More importantly for devout Washington fans, that means it's time to fire up the team band.

if you look closer at their TD numbers, in 1980, the NFL leader in receiving touchdowns had 13 vs. 16 in 2021. That means Mclaurin has to outdo Monk by 25 percent. If we use the 25 percent differential for all three years, it still won't make a difference in their yearly totals. Monk out did Mclaurin during their second years. But, Scary Terry outscored Monk during their first and third years. Mister Mclaurin racks up two more points here.

Monk 3 6 5

Mclaurin 5 4 7

Mclaurin 7 Monk 2

The QB Situation

Well, do we even need to talk about this? Monk had a young Joe Theismann striking him with passes in between the numbers while Terry bad guys like Taylor Heinecke who were attending night school just before getting signed. If I could 100 points to Terry's score, I would.

Mclaurin 8 Monk 2

So, is this an absolutely guaranteed way to declare without any doubts that Mclaurin was better than Monk at this point in their careers? Of course, it is not. But, it sure was fun to take a look at.