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Ryan Kerrigan Retirement Presser: I want the fans to know I gave them everything I had

Thanks Ryan!

Ryan Kerrigan was the heart of the Washington Redskins for a decade and has now come back to share his retirement with the fans. He really wanted the fans to know that he gave everything to this team and to the game of football. Everything he did was related to getting better, and now he's at peace with moving on.

Kerrigan said he had a knee issue before last season when he played for the Philadelphia Eagles, and knew his time was almost over. He could have trained this year and tried to make a roster, but decided to call it a career after 11 seasons. He still has too much love for the game to move on and will look at getting into coaching.

Kerrigan got emotional when he came back to Washington to sign his 1-day contract to retire with the team. He was greeted by former teammates and coaches and it meant a lot to him. He said the highlight of last season was coming back to FedEx Field and playing one last game in front of Washington fans.

Not an easy decision:


Favorite games:

Coming back to Washington:

New era in Washington:

Pride in the team:


Hard work:

Future in coaching:


Committed to football:

Off his diet!:

One of the last great Redskins: