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Dan Snyder agrees to a voluntary deposition under oath remotely for the House Oversight Committee


Bethesda businessman Daniel Snyder arrives at the Photo credit should read MIKE FIALA/AFP via Getty Images

Dan Snyder (through his lawyers) and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform have been going back and forth in the media for months about his potential testimony for his role in running a toxic workplace with multiple accusations of sexual harassment and abuse. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified before the Committee last month, but Snyder said he had previous team-related commitments out of the country, and that he couldn't appear, even virtually as Goodell did. Snyder has reportedly been in France, and will soon be in Israel for the anniversary of his mother's death this month.

When Snyder declined the Committee's request for testimony, a subpoena was issued by Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney to compel his testimony. Snyder's lawyers refused to accept service of the subpoena, but offered alternative dates, which were accepted. The Committee set the formalities in motion for a deposition to take place today, and now Snyder has agreed to testify voluntarily, and under oath. Snyder’s attorney has still not accepted service of the subpoena, and the Committee released a statement today saying that if they are not satisfied with Snyder’s answers and cooperation, they are prepared to compel his testimony when he returns to the United States.

Today’s deposition will not be held in a public session in front of the House Committee on Oversight and Reform like Roger Goodell’s was, but will instead be a closed door session with Committee staffers (lawyers). This will be closed to the public, but will be transcribed and can be released to the public at the Committee’s discretion.

Statement from Dan Snyder's spokesperson:

“Washington Commanders co-owner Dan Snyder today voluntarily testified under oath for nearly 11 hours, on top of the previous cooperation provided to the Committee. Despite the investigation’s conclusion last month—marked by proposed legislation and a summary of findings—Mr. Snyder fully addressed all questions about workplace misconduct, described the Commanders’ dramatic two-year transformation and expressed hope for the organization’s bright future. After concluding the memorial services for Mr. Snyder’s mother, Mr. and Mrs. Snyder look forward to returning their focus to supporting the efforts of the Commanders’ incredible employees and executive team and delivering a winning season for Commanders fans.”


Mr. Snyder set aside a full day for today’s testimony amidst a Yahrzeit for the one-year anniversary of his mother’s passing.

Mr. Snyder was unavailable for the June 22 hearing because of a professional conflict overseas and unavailable for other dates requested by the Committee because of a separate professional conflict on behalf of Mr. Snyder’s attorney.

Mr. Snyder did not decline to answer any questions.

The length of the deposition was not due to interruptions from Mr. Snyder’s attorney.

Investigation is not over: