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The House Oversight Committee wants Dan Snyder to testify, but only after accepting their subpoena. Snyder refused.

Your move Dan

House Hearing Examines NFL’s Handling Of Washington Commanders’ Workplace Misconduct Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Update: Dan Snyder only wants to testify voluntarily

Dan Snyder(through his lawyers) and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform have been going back and forth in the media for months about his potential testimony about his role in running a toxic workplace with multiple accusations of sexual harassment and abuse. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified before the Committee last month, but Snyder said he had previous team-related commitments out of the country, and couldn't appear, even virtually as Goodell did. Snyder has reportedly been in France, and will soon be in Israel this month for the anniversary of his mother's death.

When Snyder decline the Committee's request for testimony, a subpoena was issued by Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney to compel his testimony. Snyder's lawyers refused to accept service in the subpoena, but offered alternative dates which were just accepted. The Committee is giving Snyder's lawyers the chance to accept the subpoena, but will not accept voluntary testimony.