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“Command Legacy” voting for “Washington’s 90 Greatest” has been updated to include Trent Williams & RG3

Washington Redskins play the Cleveland Browns in pre-season Photo by John McDonnell/The Washington Post via Getty Images

When the voting was announced this weekend for the 10 additions to the “Washington’s Greatest” list for the team’s 90th anniversary, many fans commented on one glaring omission — the Redskins’ 2010 first round pick and 7-time Washington Pro Bowl left tackle, Trent Williams, who was probably the best player on the Redskins roster during his decade-long tenure.

It would appear that someone at the team office in Ashburn heard the criticism, because Trent Williams and his teammate of several seasons, former 2012 first-round pick, quarterback Robert Griffin III, have been added to the nominees for the voting.

If you are interested in casting a vote, you can CLICK HERE.

The omission of Williams was just one of many oversights that the team made with the rollout of the 90th anniversary celebrations this week.