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Say What You Want About the Re-Brand, but the Commanders New Uniforms are FIRE!

NFL: Washington Commanders-Carson Wentz Press Conference John McCreary-USA TODAY Sports

When Washington announced the new name, it was met with mixed reaction. Team president Jason Wright has said numerous times that the team wasn’t looking at the “immediate”, rather 6-12 months from now, and the long-term sustainability the brand would carry. Fans were outraged the choice wasn’t RedWolves, but to some, Commanders has grown on them over these past few months. Others will NEVER accept the new name, and will still refer to Washington as the Redskins.

One thing that seems to be really taking hold, however, are the new uniforms that were unveiled. Now of course, not EVERYONE will embrace change. Many have referred to the new gigs as looking like an arena team, and some have even said the white jerseys look like the Arizona Cardinals or Atlanta Falcons.

Still, the majority of fans are really coming around on the new digs - especially after seeing some of our players donning them.

The Helmets:

These are two completely different styles...and I like it! The matte is a much-needed conceptual change, and the black gloss is something the team has never done.

The Burgundy Uniform:

The colors are right, the lines are sharp, and the jerseys are not too busy!

The White Uniform:

I know the gradient numbers have thrown some off, but these are just super clean.

The All-Black Uniform:

Washington has never had an all-black uniform. To me, this is a very different approach - but it works! The jersey’s are not too busy, and the patches on the shoulders are a nice look.


I believe this whole uniform concept was designed so they could be mixed and matched. Below you see a mock-up of the burgundy jerseys with white pants. The white jerseys can be worn with all three pant colors, and the black jerseys could potentially incorporate white pants.

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Still to come?

Rumor has it that there will be a fourth uniform sometime in 2023 inspired by the fans. What would you like to see?

Cherry Blossom?




How do you feel about the Commanders new uniforms?

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What alternate uniform would you like to see added?

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