The Offense is Winning…..BIG!

Last year, around this time, much of the focus was on the defense. This year, that defense is getting torched! Is this a sign of further regression on the defense? Let’s bear in mind that perhaps the offenses best piece is sitting out. Samuels has shown his versatility and Dotson has shown the ability to run routes. We have long begged for an NFL offense to just be consistent, not great. This may be the year that every piece comes together.

While trajectory is looking up for the offense, it most certainly is looking down for the defense. DB has depth issues and uncertainties like playing Juste at slot. LB has been largely ignored. Buffalo nickel is void of anyone competent. There has been flashes of Cam Curl taking more of a leadership role. Jackson saying the secondary is better this year. There has even been hopes Chase and Sweat debut together. I know it’s June, but I’d hope that the defense is addressed. We have improved on the O side, but we aren’t elite. If this defense is struggling with a Terry less offense, that’s a major red flag to me.

To be fair, Samuels is back into the fold. Carson can fire the football with velocity and accuracy. If you look at this bunch of skill players, we have a strong group. There is a lot of blends of vets and youth. While I question the plan moving into this season, you can clearly see there is a good possible outcome with the core of this team…IF it’s managed right. We have depth and multi-talented tool bags at RB, WR, and TE all we need is top 18ish play from Wentz to be in the hunt for a playoff win. What travels? Defense and run game. I love the addition of a power back, Robinson in basically the early first part of the fourth seemed early to scouting I read, but what do they really know? If you think about it, if Robinson gives us 350, 3 TDs he was worth the pick because of who is in front of him. What I envision is the his guy comes in and finishes off a tired defense. I hope that’s what he is. As far as Dotson, a lot of hype!!! I hope he lives up to it.

Scott is really good at scheming and opening up his WRs. I saw that chunk plays are huge impacts on a game and that what has Turner excited this year. Wentz is hands down his best QB! Scott probably loves Wentz. And I’ve heard, Wentz loves to be loved. Pimple meets pock, somethings gotta pop right? Turner, for the first time, If all goes well, is going to have an entire arsenal at his disposal. If anyones been to the National Mall on the fourth…we could see the rockets red hair…or flare. Wentz is on his last legs. He has arm talent, the question with him is will he hold the ball too long, refusing to be coached? He has to be patient, use his weapons, and wait for things to open up. I expect shots to be fired down field this year. Defenses will have to play us honest. I am interested to see if our offense is that good or our league bottom coverage still needs work. It’s only June, still time….slowly more optimistic about the offense though. I feel like this year, if we have a good defense, and this offense is opened up, we can play with anyone. Currently, I feel like the intermediate middle as well as short yardage will be too easy to exploit, and they will do exactly to us what we are trying to do to them. Again, still June and lots of unknowns, but that’s my concern.