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Dan Snyder and his lawyers are not accepting service on the House Oversight Committee's subpoena

Dan Snyder is abroad

Redskins v Giants Photo by Bernie Nunez/Getty Images

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform held a hearing last week on the Washington Commanders toxic workplace history, and accusations of sexual misconduct against owner Dan Snyder. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell testified virtually last week, but Snyder's absence was glaring. He refused several attempts by the Committee to arrange for his testimony. This led to a subpoena for Dan Snyder from the Committee to force his appearance.

Snyder was out of the country last week, and continues his overseas ventures this week. His lawyer is also out of the country. These were some of the excuses given to the Committee for Snyder's lawyers refusing service on the subpoena.

“Dan and his lawyer are unavailable on the date provided by the committee for the deposition. For that reason and because many of the due process concerns have yet to be addressed, Dan’s lawyer could not accept service,” a source close to Snyder said.

“Dan’s lawyers were in touch with the committee on Friday and throughout the weekend trying to set up a call to discuss a path forward for additional cooperation and to address the remaining due process concerns,” the source said.

The Oversight Committee responded to Snyder's latest refusal to testify.

Statement from a spokesperson for Dan Snyder:

“Mr. Snyder has not refused to appear for a deposition. The Committee offered only one date – June 30 – and Mr. Snyder’s attorney is out of the country and unavailable on that date. Mr. Snyder’s lawyer has provided alternative dates to the Committee and looks forward to finding a path forward for Mr. Snyder’s further cooperation and to address remaining due process concerns.”