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What Says “Football” More Than Reading Footnotes?

The Cult of Colt is back in session and we’re getting downright Congressional.

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Tackling Toxic Workplaces: Examining the NFLs Handling of Workplace Misconduct at the Washington Commanders Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Well, well, well, look who’s here? Bryan & Gumbi reemerge from our offseason slumber for another edition of the Cult of Colt Podcast and unlike the Commanders’ owner we’re here and we’re ready to talk about the past. It’s been another banner week in Burgundy & Gold land – you know the type, where there is A Lot Going On, but not much of it has to do with what our podcast is ostensibly supposed to be about, you know… football.

Instead, we’re forced to take a deep dive into the House Oversight Committee’s most recent testimony involving the NFL Comish himself and 29 pages of must-read evidence detailing working for Dan Snyder.

While the Ginger Hammer was forced to serve as a very-well-compensated meat shield for his bosses (the owners) he let us know that he is Very Disappointed And Concerned and will be Looking Very Seriously at the Commanders workplace issues but… also that there’s not much to see here, so move along.

On the other hand, we did the assignment and read through the memo so that you don’t have to (but honestly, if you’re here and reading, you probably should?) footnotes and all. Much of what we found represents a very on-the-record public account of what we mostly already knew courtesy of some dogged reporting from the Washington Post over the past two years and some very courageous vocalization from those who have been impacted by the toxic work environment overseen by Dan Snyder since 1999. That said, were unquestionably some new tidbits that came to light that paint a fuller picture of the full extent of the shit-baggery in the halls of the team facility and of the team’s private jet.

Truly, who among us hasn’t put together a 100-page slide deck on our public enemies list? Totally normal stuff, huh?

So put on your “Sell the Team Dan” shirt, adjust your reading glasses, grab a stiff drink, and hang on… We’re getting down and dirty on this episode of The Cult of Colt.

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