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Sam’s Film Room: Is Carson Wentz being unfairly blamed for Colts’ downfall?

Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

In the game of football, context is everything. When you’re deciding if it was a good decision or a poor one, or you’re trying to sort out the elite from the good or the good from the bad, context is the main factor. It’s the major thing that separates your understanding of how a game really went. For some players, like Carson Wentz on the Indianapolis Colts, context is critical. To end the year, the Colts were on a three-game winning streak and were sitting at 9-6. They then played their final two games against the Raiders and the Jaguars. If they won either, they likely would have made the playoffs. However, they lost both and consequently went home.

In this video, I wanted to look at the final two games for Carson Wentz. Was he to blame for their struggles? Or were there other factors involved and Carson Wentz is actually being unfairly blamed for what happened?