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Ron Rivera fined $100,000 and the Washington Commanders lose two 2023 OTA practices due to excessive contact

Interesting development

NFL: Washington Commanders Minicamp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL has made player safety a priority, and it has been a point of emphasis in contract negotiations from the NFLPA. The lack of hard-hitting practices has also been mocked by fans who say it makes the game less exciting, and also makes player’s softer on the field. The Chicago Bears were the first team caught breaking the NFL’s practice contact rules earlier this month, but more teams and coaches are getting punished for violations.

The Washington Commanders will lose two 2023 OTA practices for excessive contact in practice drills. Head Coach Ron Rivera will also be fined $100,000. The Dallas Cowboys only lost one 2023 practice and their Head Coach Mike McCarthy was also fined $100k yesterday.

Rivera was livid last week after safety Jeremy Reaves didn’t pull up on a play against WR Dyami Brown. This resulted in Brown being shaken up and helped off the field, and practice ending early so Rivera could remind players forcefully that they’re not at practice to hurt teammates.