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Ron Rivera Presser: Curtis Samuel was shut down after Tuesday’s practice due to an abundance of caution...

Ron Rivera speaks to the media after the last day of mini-camp

Ron Rivera spoke to the media after today’s final practice of mandatory mini-camp. The third day of mini-camp has usually been cancelled by coaches as players go on a long break before training camp at the end of July. Rivera wanted another day of practice, and focused on the team’s young players.

He handed out some praise for some players in the secondary like Benjamin St-Juste, Jeremy Reaves, Percy Butler, Danny Johnson, and others who have been standing out and making an impact this year. Rivera said the young players have been embracing the system, and showing confidence as they get more comfortable.

Rivera gave some injury updates on a few players who have been dinged up this week(Saahdiq Charles, Dax Milne), and said other players recovering from season-ending surgeries(Chase Young, Logan Thomas) who will need to be evaluated on 7/26. Rivera was also asked about everyone’s favorite side field participant Curtis Samuel. He said Samuel had a good day of practice on Tuesday, and was shut down out of an abundance of caution...

Injury updates:

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Secondary depth:

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Carson Wentz:

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