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Scott Turner discusses Washington’s draft

NFL: Washington Commanders Rookie Minicamp Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, Julie Donaldson sat down with the Commanders’ offensive coordinator Scott Turner to discuss his thoughts on the offensive players taken in the 2022 draft. The full video of the interview is below, but excerpts on each of the players have been transcribed:

On Jahan Dotson:

Julie: Why Dotson?

Turner: Very early in the process, Jahan is someone we targeted. Someone we would really like having on our team. Started all 32 games at Penn State. Was always “the guy.” [references Penn State’s general lack of talent]. People talk about his size, 5’ 11”, 178 lbs. Has really good body control, really good catch radius, and great ball skills. A hands catcher. Able to play a lot bigger than his size. Easy person to throw to.

If you look at his games against Ohio State, one of the better teams, he had close to 290 yards against them. I’m pretty sure they were trying to stop him. Versatile. Great person. He’s available, 32 straight games is big. Exciting to add a player like that to an up and coming group.

Julie asks about returning weapons

Turner: Curtis has been really good in the offseason program so far. He’s excited. He’s got the weight of that injury off his back, and it’s not nagging him. Dyami was a rookie last year, and it’s hard to come into this league right away, and I think with a year under his belt, he made some plays later in the season. I think he’s ready to take that next step too. We’re welcoming competition in the group. Guys are going to be fighting to get touches, and that’s what you want.

On Brian Robinson:

Julie: What did you like about Robinson, and what will he add to the RB room?

Turner: He brings a little bit of an edge and physicality. He sat behind some really good players at Alabama, so there’s not as much wear on him as a normal back that has played for 4 years. Last year he got his opportunity and made the most of it. Physical runner, he makes guys tackle him. He’s elusive, can run away from you, but he has that edge and that ball carrier mentality where he wants the ball. I think he’s going to provide some good competition as well. Obviously, we’re really happy with Antonio being a 1,000 yard rusher for the first time last season. He’s growing into the position going into his third year playing RB. Robinson is a very serious guy too, so that will be good to add.

Julie: Does it change how you use Gibson?

Turner: No, we’ve done a lot with Antonio. Maybe it just opens us up to do a little more moving him around. I think Antonio’s role was going to continue to grow anyway, as he matures in this league.

On Cole Turner:

Julie: How do you see him coming in, and when can he come in to be a part of the offense?

Turner: He’s a guy that was a WR, came to Nevada and was moved to TE. He still played more of a WR type role. He led their team in targets at least the last two seasons and was highly productive. Really a big guy. We had the opportunity to go work him out and what he showed is just that catch radius, where he can adjust, he can go get the ball, and he just has a feel for running routes, because he did a lot of it.

He’s going to have some growth to do with other aspects of playing....

Julie: Blocking?

Turner: Yea, a little bit. If you play TE you are going to be asked to block some. He can get down the field, and he’s a big target.

On Chris Paul:

Julie: Where does Paul fit in and how quickly?

Turner: He’s played tackle and guard. He’s going to compete and learn. He’s a later round draft pick. I see him competing with the group and we’ll see where he fits best. Coach Matsko does a great job of moving those guys around and cross training them.

On Sam Howell:

Julie: How do you divvy up QB snaps in pre-season?

Turner: Normally, in training camp you’re repping three groups, so Carson, Taylor, and Sam will each have their own groups. Based on how guys do, they may get an opportunity with another group. We like Sam a lot. We had him graded high. We’re really surprised he dropped to where he did. We were happy to get him. But, he’s a young guy. He only spent 3 years in college. He’s only 21.

So, this is an opportunity for him to come in and learn how to play behind two QBs that have played a significant amount of time in the NFL. However he does, that will dictate where it goes. He’ll get opportunities. How you do with those opportunities dictates the next opportunity that you get.


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