Will The Commanders Team "Circle The Wagons"

I’ve often thought what makes a Super Bowl winning team. I know there’s probably many reasons but one thing keeps popping up to me…the us against the world mentality. The perfect example would be the Saints winning the big one after all the adversity after the hurricane destroyed their city…only to hunker down and get together through all that adversity and win the Super Bowl

Another interesting example would be the Belichick and Brady led Patriots. They produced 7 Super Bowl championships together…truly amazing. What sticks out to me is their us against the world mentality come September. Belichick throws a blanket over the press and to some extent the teams social media outbursts. It’s all business throughout the season…kinda brings the circle the wagons, it’s us against the world mentality…which brings me to my point…just maybe the Commanders team can use all the adversity with the front office etc etc to their advantage.

When McCissick chose us over Buffalo it got me thinking. Why would a guy give up going to a sure fire Super Bowl contender to stay with a team that continually flirts with disaster…maybe something tangible is growing with this team and he senses that. Just maybe this is the year the TEAM feels it’s time to…circle the wagons.