The Pride comes Before the Fall

"What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong." Unsettling allegations quaked from Fed Ex field AFTER the bloody breakup of long time co ownership. One has to wonder if word got out of Danny’s affairs and the minority owned tried to intervene. The NFL hired Ray Donovan and he cleaned it up. Except before he was done someone leaked emails in exchanges between Allen and Gruden. Rather than take the light off of Danny, people asked for more. Make the emails public. Jon has since sued, and this could come out. Danny has pushed his chips all in taking out a huge loan from the NFL to be sole owner. Things have not gone smoothly. Failed attempts to shed positive light on this franchise have been portly coordinated, poorly planned, and have just gone about as bad as his twenty plus years of failure. Danny may be banking on a new stadium, a new area, a new group of suckers. Bids for his new stadium, are drying up. Amidst the allegations of financial improprieties, creepy voyeur videos, direct allegations of sexually harassment, and just his overall haphazard ways have soured whatever opportunities he had. Reports of his stadium being unsafe and spilling sewage on fans has also been highlighted. He took one of the better franchises and ran it into the ground. So what is right there Danny? And what is wrong? I think we define those two things differently….just Danny do me one favor there buddy, make sure the Dallas fans are seated properly.