Way to early opening day roster projection (barring injury)

Special Teams (3)

J. Slye - K

T. Way - P

C. Cheeseman - LS

Offense (25 or 26)

C. Wentz

T. Heinicke

S. Howell

A. Gibson

B. Robinson

J. McKissic

T. McLaurin

C. Samuel

J. Dotson

D. Brown

C. Sims

D. Milne

L. Thomas

J. Bates

C. Turner

C. Leno

S. Cosmi

C. Lucas

A. Norwell

T. Turner

W. Schweitzer

C. Roullier

S. Charles

C. Paul

One to two other offensive players who ball out this summer, either a returning player like S. Reyes or UDFA like J. Ezzard; player closest to bubble: D. Milne. I'm taking a SWAG on Ezzard #25 and S. Reyes just above 50/50 at #26

Defense (24 or 25)

There are fewer locks; I'll put it at 16

C. Young

D. Payne

J. Allen

M. Sweat

P. Mathis

D. Wise

E. Obada

2 to 3 more DEs are likely to be selected who will contribute to special teams: front runners are J. Smith-Willliams, C. Toohill and S. Toney

W. Jackson

K. Fuller

B. St-Juste

K. Curl

B. McCain

P. Butler

4 more DBs are likely to be selected who will contribute to special teams: front runners are: C. Holmes, D. Johnson, T. Apke and D. Forrest but the last three could easily be eclipsed by UDFAs and / or FAs not yet on the roster.

C. Holcomb

J. Davis

K. Hudson

1 to 3 more LBs will be selected. I'm hoping if it's one, it's a Mike LB not yet on the roster. If it's a total of three with no new additions, front runners are: D. Mayo, J. Kunaszyk and a defensive UDFA. I'm taking a SWAG at T. Walker in that scenario but my hunch is we will add a LB at some point this summer or very early in the season.

The six defensive players closest to bubble (in no particular order) are: D. Johnson, T. Apke, D. Forrest, K. Hudson, J. Kunaszyk and D. Mayo.

With the exception of an outside chance of L. Collins returning and / or efforts to secure Mike LB, special teams contributions will dictate on the final non-lock spots on the 53 man roster (barring injury of course).