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Carson Wentz on Jim Irsay’s criticism: “I mean it is what it is, everyone’s entitled to their opinion”

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Carson Wentz had issues with the team that drafted him which led to the Philadelphia Eagles trading him to the Indianapolis Colts for a 1st and a 3rd round pick. Head Coach Frank Reich got his former QB, but the reunion ended with ab angry owner, and complete breakdown at the end of the season that was finished off by a loss to division rival Jacksonville Jaguars.

Colts owner Jim Irsay was very vocal about the need for a change, and how deeply that late-season meltdown hurt his soul. Rumors were growing that Carson Wentz’s time in Indy was coming to an end, and GM Chris Ballard was starting to echo the uncertainty surrounding their franchise QB’s future with the team.

After the Washington Commanders were rejected by Russell Wilson, they turned to one of their backup plans and finalized a trade to make Carson Wentz their newest starting QB. Washington sent multiple picks to become the third team for Wentz in 3 years. Indianapolis went on to trade for Falcon’s QB Matt Ryan, and got praise for cutting their losses. Irsay, Ballard, and Reich have been on message in why they moved on so quickly.

Wentz was interviewed by Colin Cowherd, and he asked for the real story behind his short time in Indianapolis, and Jim Irsay’s reaction.

Colin Cowherd: “People have been too personal with you, and I’ve said it, I’ve defended you on the air. Like, I don’t know, big, strong, athletic., I like him. I mean like when Jim Irsay says, hey we made a mistake, that’s kind of personal, like ow, ow. that’s kind of pers, that hurts a little right?

Carson Wentz: “I mean it is what it is you know. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. You know I thought last year was a really fun year. I thought we did some incredible things, came up short at the end. Obviously I struggled down the stretch there and timing was poor. But yeah that, I didn’t expect that. I didn’t expect things to unfold the way they did and I thought things were in a pretty good place there. I had awesome relationships with every single person in that building. Can’t say enough good things about the people over there. Yeah, it kinda came out of left field, you know? He’s entitled to his own opinion and he’s entitled to do what he wants with his football team.”

CC: “You know, the NFL’s tough. As you know, you played for a dominant college program. And in college, you line up a lot of times if you’re in a top program, and you know on Saturday you’d have to really screw up. In the NFL, the Jets beat the Colts, or excuse me, the Jets beat the Titans who are the #1 seed in the AFC. People don’t want to talk about that, but they want to talk about the Jags beating the Colts, but the Jets, if you watched that game you’re like what is going on here. So did you think at one point. I mean it’s, by the way, the Colts have struggled with the Jags in Jacksonville for the last half decade. When people freaked out, Carson was there a time when you were thinking, he you can google how we’ve done down here. I’m not the only guy that’s struggling right?

CW: “Yeah, I mean, honestly it was just a real tough ending. And the honestly once rumors and reports are going around and I’m like talking to my agent and asking are these things real, what’s going on? Honestly it was just It kinda came out of left field. You kinda just try not to think too much of it. Rumors and reports are a big part of this business we’re in, so you never know what’s true and what’s not. You try to not stress about it too much, but yeah, it was a very unfortunate ending to the season. Not a good time to play poorly the way I did, and as a team we struggled. But ya that’s what’s crazy about the league, as you just said, anybody can beat anybody anytime you step on that field. I mean we had our work cut out for us the first time we played the Jags at home. You know we squeaked it out in the end. That’s always a good team. They had a good defense last year, and they can make our lives tough, and they got us on that day.”

CC: “You know, I made this comment on the air, I said if Derek Carr doesn’t make the best throw of his career to Hunter Renfrow. And it was just a, it was a great throw. And I said, and I love Derek, that’s the best throw I’ve ever seen him make. And I said if he doesn’t make that throw the Colts are in the playoffs, you’re a Colt. I mean have you ever thought about, I mean that’s how close this game is Carson, it’s literally, it’s this, he put it into a little tiny envelope. I don’t know if you remember that throw, but it was just a great NFL quarterback throw. But have you ever thought, man my whole life would be different if Derek couldn’t fit it into a small space.

CW: Oh yeah, there’s always those things, within the year, you can think back to a couple years ago. Well if I hadn’t done this differently in Philly or all those things, but at the same time, that’s where kinda like we talked about earlier. My faith, and just trusting, there’s a plan. I don’t know what fully God’s plan is for me, but I’m gonna try to be obedient and make the most of it no matter what it is, but you always think of those things. That throw was unbelievable. I’m watching it from the sideline, it was very demoralizing obviously, in the moment in that situation. But unbelievable throw and you can look back on all those things. If I wouldn’t have fumbled the first drive of that opening drive in the second half against the Jags. What if we went down and scored? What if, you know little things, what if I put the ball away and we just ate that sack and then converting a third down and who the heck knows. You play all those what if games your whole life and you look back and you say well shoot, trying to make the most of it the next time. But you know there’s always those little things where you’re like, that one play, if it went the other way. we might be sitting in Indy right now, we might be, things might look different. But hey we’re here for a reason, and we’re going to make the most of it.”