My "expert" opinion on what we should do now.

The draft is over, the comp pick cut off has passed. All is quiet on the DC front. The stories of scandal about Danny have slowed, the talk is sleeping with footballs and chicken steaks. (Yawn). Even if believed these bullshit stories, I don’t care! I want wins not friends! I’m tired of disappointment. I’ve seen this same the same re run over and over. Here is my take:

• If you are indeed moving Holcomb to LB, resign the guy now. Holcomb has shown flashes of ability. This is his year that he could pop. If he pops, can we afford him? ILB is costly…more so than a decent WILL. Part of our ongoing problem has been player management. We moved to resign Terry too late, yet keep doing the same thing. Einstein retread definition of insanity.

• It would appear we drafted for need. This is a useful strategy in the NBA. This isn’t the NBA but I hold my extreme judgement until I see the product develop. Planting a seed doesn’t produce instant results. Time will tell here. So now we look at what holes remain. T depth is thin with just Lucas unless Charles is some secret weapon who can be moved throughout. Just keep that guy in a bubble, he is delicate. So I’d be looking at T competition. Other than that, I would say our offense is set unless some injuries strike.

•. Shore up the defense. LB was heavily addressed in UDFA as well as some swipes at DB, QB, and OL. But I think we need better insurance. My first FA signings would be these imperative holes in T, LB, S, CB. Looking at the DL, we should be set. We have ED depth, we have interior depth. Don’t get me started on Mathis pick, it’s still healing. I know we took Butler (who is said to be a pure FS, whatever that means). But at very least grab some hungry guys and see what they are. Same with the other positions. We need depth and we need competition, Howie is good at signing these cheap fliers and seeing what they are, and cutting the ones who don’t flash. This is the time to be busy, not worrying about red meat and chicken nuggets. And Dotson what you do with your football is your business. Sleep well….