The Colts’ Insecurity about Wentz is Obvious

The facts - Wentz teammates have repeatedly supported him and stated he was a great friend and teammate

Wentz did not get vaccinated (because people, like Wentz and Aaron Rodgers, who did the research, learned there was almost zero risk of hospitalization for people in their 20’s and 30’s in good physical shape)

Wentz had a decent season except for the final 2 games where he was banned from practice because of COVID protocols and the team was falling into dysfunction

Wentz is on a team friendly deal where he could play the 2022 season and then be released with no cap penalty, so the Colts could’ve easily kept him as starter, then drafted any of the rookie QB’s to be their 2023 starter

Colts owner, Irsay, GM Ballard and Coach Reich have all made multiple statements about Wentz. Wentz has said nothing about the Colts.

So what is going on here?

Here’s my opinion, but I would bet money on this because I am pretty sure this is what happened behind the scenes in Indianapolis. Irsay thought everyone should be vaccinated. He made public statements about this in 2020 and 21. There was a certain segment of society that was absolute about this. They felt everyone should be vaccinated despite their age or their physical condition. This mantra about getting vaccinated was being pushed through the media and by some politicians. Meanwhile, numerous studies collected data showing the risk of hospitalization mostly (90+%) existed with the elderly and people with co-morbidities and health risks. People like Irsay were either ignorant of the medical data or just too stubborn to accept it. Irsay could not handle having his starting QB unvaccinated. He was incensed! He made up his mind on Wentz before the season ended. Wentz knew this and like any mature adult, asked to speak with Irsay. Irsay refused because his mind was made up. Coach Reich and GM Ballard had no choice. They had to trade him. They got a pair of 3rd round picks for a QB they had just given up a 1st and 3rd round pick one year before. Ouch. Also, giving up that 1st round pick to the Eagles meant the Colts and supposed guru Ballard would be without a 1st round pick 3 out of the last 4 years.

In addition, the Colts did little to improve their offensive line last year. PFF graded the Colts Pass Blocking Efficiency as 30th out of 32 teams. Their receiving corps was mediocre at best. So Wentz did not get very good protection or very good receiving help. Ballard put together a team that could run block and run the ball well, which helped take pressure off of Wentz. But whenever the Colts were forced to pass, on 3rd and long or in games they were losing, Wentz was put in a very tough position to succeed.

So, an ignorant, stubborn and possibly childish owner and a GM trying to justify why he gave away yet another 1st round pick can’t stop throwing Wentz under the bus in an attempt to salvage their own reputations. That’s the bottom line. The insecurity is obvious.

Meanwhile, Rivera, Mayhew and Wentz have made no comments about the Colts and are all looking forward to the 22 season and happy to be working together. Wentz will play behind a better offensive line and with the most talented receiving corps of his career. I predict at the end of the 22 season, they won’t care about the Colts insecure comments any longer.