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Washington’s Day 3 draft picks talk about getting drafted by the Commanders

Late round picks get some Zoom time in with reporters

Percy Butler

Not surprised at getting drafted by Washington:

Getting the call:

Special teams:

Being called the best pure safety in this draft:

“I feel like most definitely like, cause the game is changing. Like it’s evolving to a passing game. Every team wants running backs, even running backs, got to be able to catch the ball now. So, I feel as a safety now, the safety is evolving from like a run stopper. Well, I’m not going to say not just run stopping because you got to be able to tackle but be able to cover if you’re going to be on the field. Because teams are getting receivers who are running 4.2’s [40-yard dash] and all this and throwing bombs. It’s a big play league so you got to be able to cover.”

Sam Howell

Perfect fit:

Washington’s QBs:

Carson Wentz:

Draft fall:

Pre-draft interest:

Dyami Brown:

Getting the call from Washington:

“It’s just a dream come true. You see that phone ring and, you know, Coach Rivera’s on the other side, you it’s just an unbelievable feeling. I’m just so thankful that God’s been so good to me and it’s just an incredible opportunity and I’m just so thankful and there’s been so many people along the way that that’ve helped me get here. And I’m just super thankful for them as well.”

Losing weapons last season:

“Yeah, obviously a little bit of a challenge. We lost a couple guys, but for me, I wouldn’t trade last year for anything. I think I learned so much this past season that made me overall a better football player and a better person. For me, I really wouldn’t trade anything. I wouldn’t trade last season for anything in the world. I learned so much last season and I’m forever grateful for all the teammates I had last season. I really couldn’t say anything negative about it.”

Cole Turner

Red zone:

Pre-draft interest:

Why he thinks he’s been a good pass catching tight end:

“My background growing up, I switched to tight end two years ago from originally playing receiver. So, I think a lot of things I did growing up, is kind of helping me now.”

Transitioning from a wide receiver to a tight end:

“Yeah, I think I definitely need to develop into a guy who can play every down. Be a guy who can go play at the end of the line of scrimmage and be trusted on all the rundowns as well. So, I know that’s something I’ll have to earn, you know, through time, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Chris Paul

Position on the OL:

Name game:

Christian Holmes

Fitting in in the NFL:

Man coverage: