Jahan Dotson was the right pick

Last night, twitter was contaminated with hate for the Jahan Dotson pick. Most of the people complaining have never actually seen Jahan Dotson play outside of a YouTube highlights video. I'm here to tell you why this was the right pick.

I am a lifelong Penn State fan and I've watched just about every game while Dotson was on the team. I was shocked to hear people are calling him undersized and a Desean Jackson type of player. Anyone who actually watched Dotson play every Saturday knows how far from the truth that is. Is he 5'11 and about 180-185 pounds? Sure, but he has arguably the best hands in this draft, and he ran a 4.4 at the combine. He's a fast receiver that has only dropped like 3 balls at Penn State and he is a playmaker in open space. Penn State had Sean Clifford throwing him the football and Dotson was still able to accumulate over 1,200 yards last season with 12 touchdowns. Sean Clifford struggled getting him the ball at times and Dotson would have to jump and make leaping one-hand catches because the ball was so overthrown. Jahan Dotson carried the Penn State offense that had a non-existent running game. He also did it against the best competition, he recorded 144 yards and 3 touchdowns a year ago against Ohio State. This year, he recorded 127 yards against Ohio State cornerbacks. He was able to perform at an elite level against any competition. Jahan Dotson is the steal of the draft in the second round, but the right pick at the 16th pick with wide receivers falling off the board left and right.

In addition to drafting Dotson, we now have 2 more draft picks which includes a 3rd rounder that we did not have this year because of Carson Wentz. That trade and draft pick of Jahan Dotson sets us up to address other important positions in rounds 2-4 where most of our draft gems are found. This pick means we can address offensive line, safety, linebacker, and even maybe a quarterback in the next couple round. I know Jahan Dotson was not the popular pick or the expected pick but trust me that this kid can play. Ask anyone who watched him at Penn State.