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Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew talk about the trade, Jahan Dotson, and the rest of the draft

Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew speak to the media after the 1st round

Washington Commanders Head Coach Ron Rivera and General Manager Martin Mayhew spoke to the media as the 1st round of the 2022 NFL Draft was winding down. Washington was the first team in the NFL Draft to trade down. They traded the #11 pick for #16 and a 3rd and 4th round pick. Washington needed to get more picks in the middle rounds after trading their 3rd this year as part of the Carson Wentz trade, and missing their 5th round pick from a trade last year. Mayhew made it clear this was a priority that had been discussed over the last few days.

They had at least 3 more trade offers on the table at #16 when they drafted Penn State WR Jahan Dotson. Washington didn’t want to lose the opportunity to get Dotson by trading into the 20’s or 30’s of this draft. Mayhew also didn’t rule out trading down again tomorrow night to get more picks in this draft or possibly next year’s draft.

Jahan Dotson was a player that Washington barely interacted with during the pre-draft process. They sent WRs Coach Drew Terrell to meet him, but didn’t have many questions about his character. They love him as a player, and see a lot of Terry McLaurin in him. Washington loved his speed, his playmaking ability, and his competitiveness when the ball is in the air. He was highly rated on their board, and plays bigger than his size like DeSean Jackson and Steve Smith.

Jahan Dotson:

Dotson made PSU QBs better:

Dotson’s character:

Trading back:

Could have traded back again:

Trading back on Day 2:

Getting weapons for Carson Wentz:

AJ Brown trade/new contact and the effect on Terry McLaurin: