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Commanders Draft: Pick-3 Contest - 2022

Hogs Haven brings back a draft prediction competition for 2022

NFL Pro Bowl Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Did you say a contest??!!

Just in case you haven’t heard, the draft is scheduled from 28-30 April, 2022.

Back in 2017, around this time, I decided to create a different kind of draft-prediction contest, which I called the “Draft Pick 3”. That contest has returned annually for each of the subsequent seasons.

It’s back for its sixth iteration

I’d love to say that the contest is bigger and better than ever, but, realistically, while the Washington franchise has gone through 3 different names, nothing about the contest has changed. The rules will be essentially identical as every other year.

So, how does the Draft P3 work?

Today, one week prior to the draft, Washington has 6 selections in the 7-round draft, which starts next Thursday.

Each entrant in Draft Pick 3 is allowed to nominate three players for each draft pick that the team has at the moment. That means that each entrant can identify up to 18 players that he or she thinks might be drafted by the Commanders next week — your own “little board” in effect. If any player on your list gets drafted by the Commanders in the 2022 draft, you get points. The player with the most points wins. Simple!

Detailed rules:

A. Each entrant can identify 3 candidates for each of these six picks:

  • Round 1 - pick 11
  • Round 2 - pick 47
  • Round 4 - pick 113
  • Round 6 - pick 189
  • Round 7 - picks 230 & 240

B. If a player on the entrant’s list is selected in the round predicted by the entrant, the entrant will earn the following points:

Round 1 = 6 points

Round 2 = 8 points

Round 4 = 13 points

Round 6 = 20 points

Round 7 = 25 points

C. If a player on the entrant’s list is selected in a different round than predicted, the entrant will earn 5 points, regardless of which round the player is drafted in, and regardless of the reason for the difference in round.

For clarity, imagine that I’ve predicted S Jalen Pitre for pick #47 (the Commanders’ 2nd round pick). Also imagine that Washington trades back, and in the process, gets pick #65 (in the 3rd round) from Jacksonville, and chooses Pitre with that pick. I will earn 5 points, as Pitre was taken in a different round than the one I projected.

However, if Washington selects Jalen Pitre with pick #47 (in the 2nd round) or any other pick in the 2nd round that the Commanders acquire by trade, then I will still earn the full 8 points for a correct 2nd round pick.

D. There will be no adjustments made for any trades that happen between the time this article is published and the end of the draft. The contest will be based on projecting the 6 draft picks identified in this article, regardless of any changes in the actual selections the Washington Commanders end up with in the draft.

E. An entrant may list any draft-eligible player as many times as desired, up to a maximum of 5. In other words, a player may be listed once for every round in which the Commanders pick if the entrant so chooses. However, if the player is actually selected by the Commanders, the entrant will get credit only once. The entrant will get maximum points if one of his predictions is for the correct round; if not, he will receive 5 points for identifying the player, but not the correct round. There is no opportunity to double (or triple, or quintiple) dip by scoring off the same selection multiple times.

F. To enter the contest, simply post your projections in the comments section below using the template provided. If anyone posts multiple entries, the LAST entry posted by any individual entrant prior to 7:59 ET, 28 April 2022 will be that entrant’s “official” entry. No entries will be accepted after 7:59 ET, 28 April 2022. If you want to update your entry, it is best for me if you post your second (or third) version as a reply to your first.

Here is an example of what a qualifying entry (posted in the comments section) would look like:

Round 1 - pick 11

Derek Stingley CB, Kyle Hamilton S, Drake London WR

Round 2 - pick 47

Jalen Pitre S, Sam Howell QB, Kenneth Walker RB

Round 4 - pick 113

Carson Strong QB, Jake Ferguson TE, Derion Kendrick DB

Round 6 - pick 189

Andrew Stueber OL, Jalen Wydermyer TE, Bailey Zappe QB

Round 7 - pick 230

Luke Tenuta OL, Zachary Carter DL, Matt Waletzko OL

Round 7 - pick 240

Bubba Bolden S, Stanley Berryhill WR, Quentin Lake DB

Here’s the template for your entry. Just copy it, paste it into the comments space, then type in the 18 names & positions that make up your entry.

Round 1 - pick 11


Round 2 - pick 47


Round 4 - pick 113


Round 6 - pick 189


Round 7 - pick 230


Round 7 - pick 240


G. In case of a tie, the entrant who has received the highest number of points for a single correct projection will be declared the winner. (For clarity, an entrant who earned 20 points for a correct 6th round projection would be declared the winner if no other entrant earned full points beyond round 4). If any entrants remain tied after applying the tie-breaker, then Bill-in-Bangkok will determine the declared winner.


Any contest is only as good as the value of the prize for winning, so here’s the deal; the winner will be entitled to the same ‘great’ prize as the last five years. Once you’ve been named the winner, make an appointment with me, show up in Bangkok, and I’ll buy drinks for the two of us all night long at the bar or pub of your choice — after the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted of course, assuming we both survive the pandemic.

Previous Winners

2021 dg28

2020 Rook6980

2019 dcbornskin

2018 Marooook!

2017 SkinsaneAsylum