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Russell Wilson traded to the Denver Broncos; Washington’s search for its next QB continues

The next QB domino has fallen

Seattle Seahawks v Denver Broncos Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

The Washington Commanders swung big at QB Russell Wilson last week, but were rejected by the Seattle Seahawks. They reportedly offered multiple first round picks to bring Russ home. It always seemed like a long shot that the Seahawks would trade Wilson to another NFC team, and it looked like he would be staying in Seattle this season for a number of reasons.

Earlier this morning news broke that Aaron Rodgers was staying with the Green Bay Packers on a massive deal(details haven’t been confirmed). This was expected to set off a domino effect in the QB market with teams like the Broncos and Steelers waiting on his decision before they move on to other options.

Denver moved on to their next options and it was a huge one. They have reportedly made a trade to acquire Russell Wilson and a 4th round pick from the Seahawks for 3 players, two 1st round picks, and two 2nd round picks. One of the players the Broncos are sending is QB Drew Lock. Denver also sent TE Noah Fant and DL Shelby Harris to Seattle.

Russell Wilson had a no trade clause in his contract. Several teams including the Broncos and Commanders had serious interest in trading for him. Wilson had the ultimate control over his destination when the offers came in, and the Broncos were reportedly his chosen destination. The full details of Washington’s offer haven’t been reported.