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Report: Seahawks turn down multiple 1st round picks trade offer from Washington for Russell Wilson

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

There were a handful of top tier QBs that were rumored to be possibilities in the trade market this offseason. Aaron Rodgers continues to tease his future, but he is expected to be back with the Packers.

Russell Wilson has also been on the trade rumor circuit since last season. He's from the area (Richmond, VA), which fueled some speculation that he would want to go home if he pushed for a trade out of Seattle. And did you see him at the Pro Bowl? That was something.

Seattle has been making it clear that they have no inention of trading Russell Wilson. Pete Carroll made changes last season to appease Wilson, and isn't looking to start over at QB in the twilight of his career.

Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew have been making it very clear that they are looking to upgrade at QB after Taylor Heinicke started most of the games last year. The team is prepared to swing big like they did last year when they tried to acquire Matthew Stafford from the Lions.

They made a big trade offer then, and they just made another one for Russell Wilson. Ian Rapoport reports that Washington offered multiple 1st round picks for Wilson, but Seattle rejected the offer. The full trade details aren't available, but it likely included a few other sweeteners that weren't enough for Seattle to part with their franchise QB.

That takes Wilson off the list, and Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to come to Washington to finish his career. Deshaun Watson's legal troubles would prevent him from coming here. Derek Carr is reportedly part of new Raiders' Head Coach Josh McDaniels' plans. The "big" QB pool has dried up, and now Rivera has to move onto the secondary market.

Washington reportedly placed calls to every other team in the league to guage interest in trades. They also had a list of 42 QBs to check on during the offseason. If Washington doesnt secure their veteran through a trade, they will have to look at free agents in less than two weeks. QBs like Mitch Trubisky, Teddy Bridgewater, Jameis Winston, and Marcus Mariota will be available.

If Washington brings in a veteran like that on a short-term deal, they could still look at drafting a QB early next month to develop. This year's draft class has a lot of question marks, and many of the top QBs could use time behind a vet QB in an NFL program to get ready for the next level of the game.