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Congress investigates Washington for financial improprieties; Roger Goodell still protects Dan Snyder

Dan Snyder continues to make headlines for all the wrong reasons

Update: Statements!

This has been another long week in Dan Snyder's disastrous, decades-long ownership of the NFL's Washington franchise. Roger Goodell spoke to the media and weaved a wonderful tale about Dan Snyder's non-hands on status with the franchise. He told whoever would believe him that he doesn't believe Snyder has been to the team's facilities, and they would talk about Snyder's status soon.

This contradicted previous reports, and new reports about Dan Snyder's status within the franchise. Ron Rivera has said on multiple occasions that he discusses team matters with Dan and Tanya Snyder. Dan has been to games throughout the season, and photos were posted by the team's own social media managers to show his attendance.

The Washington Commanders have been under investigation for their toxic workplace by multiple entities for years, and continue to fight the accusations on multiple fronts. The Beth Wilkinson report, the most comprehensive investigation so far, was suppressed through an agreement between Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell. The House Oversight and Reform Committee started another investigation that led to a new accuser directly implicating Dan Snyder.

The Washington Commanders attempted to start another investigation, but were once again "taken over" by the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell. Mary Jo White, an attorney very familiar with the results the NFL wants, was assigned to lead the new investigation into Snyder. White has now also been assigned to the Brian Flores case against the league.

The latest accusation being lobbed against the Washington franchise comes once again from Congress, but this time involves financial improprieties. The team obviously denied all new allegations as they await more details