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A (really quick) update of the Commanders current cap space, depth chart and comp picks

A week ago, I updated the Commanders cap space, depth chart, 2022 draft picks and 2023 comp picks. Not a great deal has changed since then, but there has been some news, with the re-signing of CB Danny Johnson and OT Cornelius Lucas, along with the addition of former Carolina and Buffalo DE Efe Obada.

Cap Space

Per Over the Cap, Washington is currently estimated to have $10.65m in available cap space.

Because Landon Collins was designated as a post-June 1 cut, the team will add a further $11.88m in cap space at the beginning of June.

It will cost an estimated $4.4m to sign Washington’s draft picks.

Teams need to enter the regular season with a ‘contingency’ amount of cap space available to sign players as injury replacements. $5m seems to be a reasonable working number, though most teams can ‘create’ space by restructuring contracts mid-season if needed.

The most obvious potential restructure on Washington’s roster is the contract of Carson Wentz. The team could create a bit over $18m in cap space by doing a maximum restructure of his salary to signing bonus, which would have the effect of deferring part of his 2022 cap hit to later years.

Updated depth chart

The numbers that appear beside some players’ names are 2022 cap hits per Over the Cap.

Please note that assigned positions and color coding are my own personal opinions. They do not necessarily represent the thinking of Washington’s coaches or front office, nor are they necessarily consistent with fan consensus. This chart represents my interpretation, and may not reflect the thoughts of other writers on Hogs Haven. Finally, when it comes to backup players, I don’t put much effort into making sure that they are on the right or left or behind the specific player that they backup. I mostly just try to fit everyone on the chart efficiently.

2023 Compensatory Picks

The situation has not changed since the last update was published, and, frankly, I don’t expect it to change. I believe the front office is trying to ‘protect’ the two compensatory picks it is currently projected to receive in next year’s draft: a 3rd round pick for losing Brandon Scherff to the Jaguars, and a 7th round pick for Tim Settle signing with the Buffalo Bills.