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Carson Wentz Introductory Press Conference

Carson Wentz speaks to the media after joining the Washington Commanders

Carson Wentz held his introductory press conference today at the Washington Commanders headquarters in Ashburn, VA today. Head Coach Ron Rivera introduced him, and also spoke to the media after Wentz spoke.

Carson Wentz had a lot of questions surrounding his exit and trade from two teams over the last two seasons. The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts both dumped him, and now the veteran QB has to grow and learn from those situations and his mistakes or his status in the NFL will drop even further.

To his credit, Wentz took responsibility for his poor play at the end of the Colts’ season. They seemed destined to make the playoffs, but crashed hard the last few weeks. Wentz took a lot of criticism for that play from fans, media, snd his own organization. During today’s media session, Wentz said he had played poorly and wasted an opportunity.

Wentz dodged a lot of the questions about reports of leadership and locker room issues at his last two teams. He said he doesn't read the negative reports about himself, but admitted they are a strain on his family.

Wentz has spoken with Offensive Coordinator Scott Turner and says he is excited to get to work in Washington. He plans on working with his receivers soon, and is a big fan of Terry McLaurin. He is also excited to return to the NFC East, and to return to Philly to face the team that drafted him #2 overall in 2016.

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