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Thank God It’s Tuesday—Offseason On the Brink S3:E8

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on—and off—the gridiron as the 2021 season is in the rearview and the 2022 offseason is upon us.

John Riggins Photo by Icon and Image/Getty Images

On tonight’s show, the gang is all back in the basement. I have no doubt you—like most people—are getting your fill of people talking into mics for both audio and video podcasts. We thank you for helping to keep the Washington sports conversation going year-round. We are in Year SEVEN of this show, and so much has changed...yet both changed at all. Another free agency period that is making people slightly upset. Another offseason lamenting the actions of an unworthy owner. Another quarterback addition that everyone is trading heated takes about.

Luckily for y’all, seven years has really helped us hone our ability to digest this stuff and help others digest it as well (the secret is whiskey).

We will be calling tonight’s Mary Jo White Fan Club meeting to order right around before 8:30 PM.

I’ll be thankful not to have to talk the entire time this week, and I’m sure you will all be thankful as well.

Thanks to folks like you, we have one of the best comment boards anywhere, so please join in the conversation, and help us separate what is real from what isn’t. We’re live around 9PM EST:

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday, the official Washington Commanders podcast of Hogs Haven.

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