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The Cult Of Colt: You Need More Than Just Lemons To Make Lemonade

Why don’t they want us, man?

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NFL: Washington Football Team at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

In this edition of The Cult of Colt Podcast, Bryan & Gumbi make change for a dollar and demand to get our quarterback! Ok, yes that was a ridiculous dad joke, but since 2017 the Red… ummm Football Tea…. Commanders (yes Commanders) have had 11 starting quarterbacks. So, we obviously have a massive problem that needs to be addressed right now. The team has just one shot to get this right and Riverboat Ron needs to go all in and give us fans a real chance of seeing a winning team.

Now, of course, as the great philosopher Ferris Buller once said “Life moves pretty fast” and nary a few hours after we recorded this episode deal no one saw coming; happened. We were absolutely blindsided by the trade for Wentz. So while we’ll of course have plenty to talk about on that front, we (spoiler alert) don’t do it here. But don’t fret! We still have some pretty good other stuff going on in this episode so give it a listen why don’t you?

The Guys then wander barefoot through their own Nakatomi Plaza known as Twitter, trying not to cut their feet along the way. We answer a reader question about what type of industry professional is just the worst on social media before we do a drive-by remembering of early-century Washington tight end Zeron Flemister.

So, grab a Pepsi Clear and tune those AM radio knobs, The Cult of Colt is going back in time with quarterbacks that could have been.

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