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Roger Goodell: I don’t see any way a team can do its own investigation of itself; Clubs have the authority to remove an owner

Roger Goodell speaks

Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders have been in the news today. Snyder announced he was going to hire an “independent” investigator to look into the allegations from former team employee Tiffany Johnston. She was not involved in the original Beth Wilkinson-led investigation into Washington’s toxic workplace. She appeared with 5 other former employees in a roundtable for the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform last week. Johnston alleged that Dan Snyder inappropriately grabbing her leg under a table at a dinner and trying to push her into a limo afterwards. Snyder’s lawyer was allegedly the voice of reason in the latter incident. This story was corroborated by another former employee via a letter submitted to the committee.

Snyder’s announcement of another “independent” investigation led to a firestorm of responses from the accuser’s lawyer, his lead investigator’s firm, Congress, Snyder’s lawyer, and the NFL. Luckily NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had a press conference scheduled for today to talk about the Super Bowl, and any other important stories in the NFL. The league issued a statement saying they would lead any investigation into Dan Snyder, not the team or it’s owner. Goodell puts up the shield once again to protect an owner, and the integrity of the league itself.

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