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UPDATE: Dan Snyder hires “independent” team to investigate new accusations against Dan Snyder; NFL says they’ll handle it

This sounds familiar

NFL: Washington Redskins at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Update: Tiffany Johnston’s lawyer responds to the NFL’s “new” investigation

Update: Congress says we’re still involved too!

Update: The firm of Dan Snyder’s lead investigator says they’re still going to investigate Dan Snyder

Update: The NFL says respect the shields authority

Update: Dan Snyder's lawyer says he's really really going to release this report, and Tiffani Johnston doesn't deserve this much attention(paraphrased)...

Update: Tiffany Johnston's attorney calls this investigation a "sham" and a "desperate public relations stunt"

Six former Washington Redskins employees spoke at a roundtable in front of the Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform last week. One of them, Tiffani Johnston, did not cooperate with the Beth Wilkinson-led investigation into Washington’s toxic workplace that was started by Dan Snyder and the the Washington Football Team, but taken over by Roger Goodell and the NFL.

Her accusations were directly against Dan Snyder, and included him inappropriately grabbing her leg under a table at a dinner and trying to push her into a limo afterwards. Snyder’s lawyer was allegedly the voice of reason in the latter incident. This story was corroborated by another former employee via a letter submitted to the committee.

Dan Snyder quickly shot down these rumors as outright lies. The Committee then revealed that Dan Snyder and Roger Goodell had an agreement that both parties had to agree to release details of the months-long investigation. Snyder originally requested a written report, but Goodell only wanted an oral report when he took over. This led to no report details being officially released to the public. Washington, not Dan Snyder personally, was fined $10 million and he took a step back from the day-to-day operations. The organization was also going to fix their workplace and its practices.

Calls from the public, reporters, and politicians have continued since it was revealed that they were going with the transparent excuse they were protecting the victims. The only people protected were Dan Snyder, and any employees that were involved in the decades of sexual harassment, intimidation, and threats.

Dan Snyder has now hired another group of “independent” investigators. This time they will be looking into the new allegations from Tiffani Johnston that directly implicate Snyder. He has once again committed to paying for a thorough and “independent” investigation. Transparency is once again on the table, just like it was when the last investigation started. And we are once again being promised that we will find out what the investigation determined.

Snyder was accused of intimidation and interfering during the last investigation. There was a report that Beth Wilkinson was even planning to suggest that Dan Snyder divest his interest in the franchise and be removed as an NFL owner due to his interference and attempts to suppress witness testimony. This seems like another chance for Snyder to shut down an accuser and keep his precious place in the NFL.