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An Open Letter to Daniel and Tanya Snyder

Daniel and Tanya Snyder,

I have been a Washington fan since the early 80’s – before I really even knew what I was cheering for. During that time, I have witnessed some incredible highs and some lowly lows. Since you purchased the team in 1999, the lows have far outweighed the highs, and as a devoted fan, that is incredibly upsetting to me.

Far beyond the 156-212-1 record and ten head coaches since your ownership was first announced, is the perpetual controversaries that seem to surround this organization.

As if suing your own season ticket holders and temporarily banning signs with any negative connotation towards you and your ownership at FedEx Field weren’t enough, the game day experience has only gotten worse. In 2021, it was reported that Washington had the second lowest home attendance in the league, and I can truly imagine that it would have been dead last if not for the thousands of opposing fans, that sometimes seem to outnumber OUR fans, that fill the stands. I really can’t blame folks for not wanting to attend, seeing how the prices to bring their family to a game have skyrocketed; including, but not limited to parking, concessions and the views themselves. Now, top that off with the chance of having a sewage pipe bust on you or structures within the stadium possibly giving way - and most can certainly see why.

The Bruce Allen years were intolerable to even the most casual fan, and I commend you both for finally removing his toxicity from the organization, however it came years too late. The damage he inflicted on this once-proud franchise will take years to dig out from. Furthermore, the level of accountability from top down was in a constant downward spiral from 1999-2019, and for that, you both need to be held accountable.

From the outside, a culture shift looks to be in play, but internally, the franchise is still rotting at its very core. The toxic workplace culture that permeates throughout the organization is something that loyal fans can no longer turn their backs on. Accusations by over 40 former female employees of sexual harassment, bullying, and intimidation are causing your Titanic to slowly sink. Recent accusations made to congress during the roundtable discussion have brought these into an even brighter light…one that you can no longer cover with dark sunglasses.

Your refusal to release to the public, the findings in the Wilkinson report, further tarnish your public image – an image that can never be repaired.

They say if you love something, set it free. Many fans really doubt if you LOVE The Washington Commanders, but we can all agree on one thing – OUR deep desire for you both to SET IT FREE!

Please, do what is right and sell The Washington Commanders! The fans, players, former employees you have hurt, and current ones who remain in the building deserve a clean break and a fresh start for the team we so dearly love!

Respectfully yours,

A devoted yet concerned fan