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Thank God It’s Tuesday—Offseason On the Brink S3:E5

Kevin, Tim and Ken cover DC’s home team on—and off—the gridiron as the 2021 season is in the rearview and the 2022 offseason is upon us.

NFC Divisional Playoff Game - Washington Redskins v Chicago Bears Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

What if I told you that you had to suck it up and live with The Washington Commanders era for the rest of your lives, but you would get to do it with a new owner? That, to me, feels like where we are, even though the old owner is still the current owner. Not For Long, methinks.

I’ve been working this story a few different ways and reporting back what I have found out each week (I haven’t conducted this many phone interviews since the days of my Tom Tupa/Ali Haji-Sheik/Todd Husak crusades. I have never professed to knowing exactly how this was going to turn out, but I have been honest about what I have learned, and it has been pointing—FOR WEEKS—to a new owner.

Maybe we won’t get one. Maybe we will. Maybe the new one will be worse than the old one. Maybe the old one will hold some kind of terrible grasp of the new one’s ability to do anything. Jeez...can we just enjoy the fact that we have never been closer to the possibility of a new owner?

We’ll wrap the NFL season on the heels of the Super Bowl—yes, now everyone joins in the offseason goodness. We know that we’ll be linked somehow to every single quarterback on the planet before all is said and done, so let’s have some fun with that.

Thanks to folks like you, we have one of the best comment boards anywhere, so please join in the conversation, and help us separate what is real from what isn’t. We’re live around 9PM EST:

Hit the board on the show link and help us get this one done. A quarterback either/or game, Rivera lobbying hard for a big move, and plays Washington could have made/plays Washington could not have made in SBLVI...all of this on tonight’s episode of Thank God It’s Tuesday, the official Washington Commanders podcast of Hogs Haven (hmmmmm...still doesn’t roll off the tongue yet).

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