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Mike Florio confirms Junkies report that Beth Wilkinson suggested Dan Snyder sell the team; Owners could be ready to push him out

Is this real life?

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Last year, a report from 106.7 the Fan’s the Junkies came out that said they had obtained an early copy of the report that Beth Wilkinson was preparing for the NFL’s investigation into Dan Snyder and the Washington franchise. She was originally hired by Snyder, but the investigation was taken over by Roger Goodell and the NFL. One of the reports about that transfer of power was that Goodell only wanted an oral report, while Snyder initially asked for a written report about the organization’s toxic workplace accusations.

The bombshell that the Junkies reported was that Wilkinson had suggested that Dan Snyder be forced to divest his interest in the team. This was reportedly due to his interference in the investigation, and the workplace violations that had happened under his watch for years. The written report was never released. or even submitted if you believe the NFL. Details of the findings were also never released due to an agreement that reportedly allowed either side to control what is made available to the public or other entities like Congress.

The Congressional Committee on Oversight and Reform has been trying to investigate Snyder and the Washington franchise further, but is reportedly being stalled by Washington’s refusal to turn over 109,000 documents due to attorney/client privilege. When they held a roundtable over a week ago, a new accuser emerged. Tiffani Johnston accused Dan Snyder of inappropriate behavior that wasn’t previously reported. Her accusations were immediately called “outright lies” by Snyder’s attorney.

Snyder then decided to open up a new “independent” investigation into Tiffany Johnston’s accusations. This was done without consulting the NFL, and they swiftly said they would once again be taking over the investigation. Roger Goodell said that teams can’t investigate themselves. There has been no word on who will be running the NFL’s investigation.

That brings us back to Mike Florio’s report that came out today. He was speaking on a Super Bowl pregame show, and confirmed the Junkies report from last year. Beth Wilkinson suggested that Dan Snyder be forced to sell the Washington Commanders. He also said, and later wrote about, a growing frustration among other NFL owners.

As one ownership-level source recently put it, the Johnston allegations could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for the league, prompting Snyder’s partners to take steps to push him out.